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Disclaimers & Procedures

If you have any questions please call us.


Blind caning done by Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration

Current Turnaround Times

Hand Caning, Rushwork, Danish Cord - 6-8 months

Pressed Cane, Shaker Tape, Splint - 4-6 weeks


We take great care and time with each memorable project we work on and don’t feel we can rush to just get pieces out the door.  Please know that when your project is complete we will contact you.


Thank you for your patience! I truly appreciate your business!

Blind caning done by Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration

Completion Times ar​e Guesstimates!

As we work through the client queue we try our very best to meet the time frame given at the time of deposit or drop off. However, in this type of business, we occasionally find unseen situations when we begin a project that may delay original completion times. Thank you for understanding! 

Additionally, Invoice balance and furniture pick-up is required within 2 weeks’ notice of completion.   After 30 days, if the outstanding balance has not been paid, and no other agreement has been made, a storage fee of $10 per week will be required.

Blind caning done by Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration

A Word About Old or Antique Furniture

We take the utmost care to ensure that no damage occurs while your chair is in our possession.  Usually chairs that are being rewoven are older or antiques; the wood is often times dry and brittle.  Sometimes we find unusual workmanship or pre-existing damage to the wood after we remove the old material.  When removing pressed cane some force must be applied to get the cane out of the chair, and, though unlikely, minimal damage can occur.  In these rare cases where repairs are needed, the cost will be charged to the customer.

Sample of natural and stained cane

To Stain or Not to Stain

Hank's Cane and Rush is a home-based business and we do not have proper ventilation to offer staining services.  We also do not recommend staining your cane.  The cane has a natural glossy finish that makes staining difficult.  Staining also shortens the life of the cane in your furniture.  Cane naturally turns a lovely, deep honey color with age.  The right side of the image shown is the natural color if left unstained; the left side shows how the stain will eventually wear unevenly.  If you must stain because your chair is part of a set or that is your preference, we can accommodate that request for an additional charge.

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