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Care of Your Newly Rewoven Furniture

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Caned Chair by Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration


After Investing in the repair of your chair, proper care of the cane will extend it's life.  Heating vents and direct sunlight are not friends of caned furniture, causing the cane to become dry and brittle.  Being a natural product, over time the cane will begin to sag and stretch.  The sagging will cause the cane to wear against the edge of the chair and cause breakage.  To minimize this drooping, wet the underside of the cane with warm water and a sponge.  Allow the cane to dry naturally overnight; this will tighten the cane back to it's original shape.  Doing this every 6 months will extend the life of a caned chair considerably.

Fiber Rush done by Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration

Fiber Rush & Danish Cord

These seats should be sealed with a thin coat of shellac.  This will protect the rush and Danish cord from spill, dust and dirt.  NEVER wash these weaves with soap & water.  Water will weaken and fray the seats.

Shaker Tape

The cotton product used for shaker tapes can be washed with soap/water and left to dry naturally.  It is wise to test old tapes that may not have colorfast dyes.

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