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Lynn Nulicek Owner Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration

About Us

Society has been using wicker type furniture since the start of civilization.  Natural-rush furniture has been found in Egyptian tombs dating from 4000 BC and it is thought that hand caning originated in China centuries before Europeans saw their first caned furniture, such as the chairs seen in Dowager Countess of Grantham Violet Crawley's sitting room on the PBS series "Downton Abbey".  Have you noticed while watching the news the caned chairs in the Oval Office of the White House!

Hand caning and rush seat weaving are dying art forms and it is our intent not to let that happen.  Every chair we see comes with a story or has a story yet to come!  Our mission at Hank's is to restore your chair/furniture while refreshing the memory that accompanies it!  Or possibly, it's a chair with memories yet to unfold!

"Don't throw that chair away without talking to us first!" ~ Linda


Always Learning

"How much is my chair worth?"  "How old is my chair?"  "Where did my chair come from?"  "Is my chair an authentic piece, or a replica?"  I have been asked all of these questions and more.  I was never able to provide an absolute answer, and I was always interested to know for myself.  I am pleased to announce that starting in September of 2021 I am enrolled in The Asheford Institute of Antiques to become a certified antique appraiser.  I am thrilled to start learning all I can about antiques and expanding the services I offer my clients.

Lynn Nulicek Owner Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration

Lynn Nulicek Owner Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration


Board Member of the Seatweavers' Guild Inc.

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