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Aurora, Illinois


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We specialize in the art of seat weaving such as: 

hand caning, pressed cane, rush, danish cord, splint, shaker tape and others

Hand Strand Cane Lincoln Rocker done by Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration

Hand Strand Caning

The most commonly used caning process is the Seven Step Method.  This method provides the sturdiest chair seat.  As you can see in the picture, holes are evenly drilled along the rails of the chair.  The cane passes through the hole 7 times.  Different variations such as Blind Caning, round or semi round chairs impact the pricing of hand caned chairs, because of added difficulty in the Seven Step Method. 

No Knot Caning

At Hank's, we specialize in No Knot Caning.  Usually you will find knots on the underside of your hand caned chair.  We weave the cane into the top of the chair producing a neater finish.

No Knot Caned Chair
Hand Caned Chair with Curved Rails done by Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration

Curved Rails

The seat weaver must make certain changes to the 7 Step Method when weaving a chair with curved rails on the seat and back. The steps are the same, however done in a different order to maintain the contour of the rails.

Blind Cane with Medallion 

Blind or French caning is when the holes are not drilled through the wood frame of the chair. This type of caning is often found on European chair backs. There are no loops showing on the back leaving a clean professional finish.

Blind Cane with Medallion done by Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration
Rush Seat  and Back Weaving

Rush Work

Fiber rush is a paper fiber that is durable and strong when woven. Natural rush is made from twisted cattail leaves and is more difficult to work with.  Most chairs are done with fiber rush unless an antique chair is to be restored to museum quality. 

Danish Cord

Danish cord is a heavy duty, 3-ply twisted product.  These chairs have a single or split side rail.  It is woven using L-shaped nails on the underside of the side rails.

Danish Cord
New England Porch Weave on Canoe Seat

New England Porch Weave

New England Porch Weave is done with 6 millimeter binder cane. This weave is done around the rails of the chair, like splint, rush and danish cord.  

Shaker Tape

Shaker Tape is a sturdy, heavy, cotton webbing.  Shaker Tape is woven around the chair rails like splint and rush.  Seat weaving with shaker tape dates back to the 1830's when the Shakers used the tape to make beautifully colored designs.

Seat Weaving with Shaker Tape
Pressed Cane done by Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration

Pressed Cane

Pressed, Machine, or Cane Webbing are all terms used to describe cane that is woven on a powerful loom.  This type if cane is the least expensive to replace.  It is purchased much like you would fabric from  a bolt.

Herringbone Weave

Herringbone Weave is usually done with wider cane, splint and Shaker tape.  The weave is commonly found on porch chairs or porch rockers.

Porch Rocker with 6MM Cane in a Herringbone Pattern done by Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration
Trioh Mid Century Modern Coffee Table done by Hank's Cane & Rush Restoration

Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern furniture is making a huge comeback!  This Trioh teak coffee table has a caned shelf done in 4 MM wide binder cane.  Furniture of this era commonly has danish cord or binder cane used in it's design.


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